Annual Church Meeting

The 2017 annual church meeting was held on January 22, 2017 – a very early date for such a meeting as we wished to make known our plans for 2017 under which the chaplaincy becomes a worship centre of St. George’s Barcelona. As from the approval of that change we no longer have a church council of our own or a churchwarden, and no longer hold annual church meetings as we are a worship centre of then Barcelona chaplaincy.

Attached are the reports that were presented at the meeting:

Note please – each of the reports has been added as an attachment that requires to be downloaded to be opened and read:

Churchwarden’s Report 2016 – report on the services held and  other activities of the church for the year 2016, and a farewell as churchwarden from Michael Derham Churchwarden’s Report 2016

Treasurer Report 2016 – report of the Treasurer on 2016 results Treasurer Report 2016

English Church accounts 2016 – the 2016 accounts  which still have to be audited English Church accounts 2016

Electoral Roll report 2016 – this is not attached as it contains the details of all members of the church. We welcome three new members at the annual church meeting and sadly noted that two members were no longer regularly in Andorra. The electoral roll for 2017 contained 19 members, and from 2017 on our electoral roll is maintained as part of then Barcelona electoral roll. We continue to have approximately 20 members on that electoral roll.

We also have annual accounts although as these are reported up to Barcelona, they are no longer audited, and are limited to the standard short form accounts requested by the diocese.