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Garden Party 2017

Sunday August 13 had us fill Brenda Ross’s garden with some 50 adults and four well behaved children for the 2017 edition of our garden party. Revd Deborah Chapman, who had come to lead our Holy Communion service, opened the party with grace, and her husband, Revd John Chapman arrived post haste from having celebrated the 11.00 service in St George’s Barcelona to say a few words about the link we now have in place between the two churches and his responsibilities as chaplain for both. Lots of spit roast chicken and oven baked salmon was eaten along with a large variety of salads brought by visitors. The equally large selection of desserts was simply demolished. All this was washed down with Pimms, wine and soft drinks in equal quantities. It seems that a very good time was had by all and Deborah and John met a new set of faces in Andorra. We will not forget that four adults (and two children) traveled up from Barcelona to join us for this annual event. Our thanks to Brenda for hosting us and for all the work she put in to make this possible.

2015 Garden Party

By now we should have been used to this – Brenda’s garden simply filled up. A week before the event we had very few people booked in. The day before we were scratching around to find more chairs we had so many extra visitors. Revd Roy Greenwood had given us an excellent uplifting sermon and service and we retired to Brenda’s garden where the positive mood was reinforced by good weather, good company, more than one glass of Pimms and plenty of good food. Definitely a positive contribution by the church to the community!

New site format – and what is behind it

The new site format is simply (and boot so simply) an update of the first version of this site on this vehicle – which went live almost four years ago.

What is important is what is behind the site – more controls over access to it. We now have some security software and what is really worrying is that already this has detected one persistent person – somebody using the log in user name of an administrator and trying 18 times to get into the site.

We have nothing on this site of value to a hacker – not even a lot of visitor details. But we have a hacker! Still.

Back on line again – “we was hacked”

It was back in early March that I was first locked out of ten site when I went to update the events section. It took me almost the rest of the month to discover that the site had been hacked and shut down as a preventative measure by our hosting service.

Then I found that they had also effectively “destroyed” the site and was looking to start again from scratch – but the guy who originally helped set up the site turned out to be running a back up copy and with stoops and starts we where able to get the site back, updated to a newer version of the site software – and now go live.

So – let’s hope for a long life this time round!