Church Events

Special arrangements for services:

We held monthly services in 2021 in the garden at La Massana Parc that Brenda Ross has let us use, all the way through to October. In November, Revd John Chapman came to us for a Remembrance Day service for which we were able to use Santa Maria del Fener church. In December we held small separate services (restricted because of Covid 19) in Brenda Ross’s apartment at La Massana Parc.

When Revd Deborah Chapman comes to Andorra we are not allowed to use the church itself so we prefer holding small services at a member’s apartment.

This arrangement is expected has continued for 2022 and now we are  holding outdoor garden services until autumn makes that too cold or damp.

Brenda Ross lets us use her apartment and lovely garden on the outskirts of La Massana. If you are a visitor, to get details of how to get there please contact

St George’s Church, Barcelona, is providing weekly Sunday services via YouTube and details of their arrangements can be found on their website at As we can take advantage of these weekly services we are not organising a second service of our own each month.

Calendar for 2022:

Saturday 7 October – 17.30 – bible study with Jennie Hebson from  St George’s Barcelona

Sunday 8 October – 11.00 – service with Holy Communion by extension led by Jennie Hebson from St George’s  Barcelona

Saturday 12 November – 17.30 – bible study with Revd John Chapman

Sunday 13 November – 11.00 – Remembrance Day service with Holy Communion led by Re John Chapman

Saturday 10 December  17.30 – bible study with Revd Deborah Chapman

Sunday 11 December – 11.00 – service with Holy Communion led by  Revd Deborah Chapman